Welcome Lincoln Data Centers' Customers

A little about us…

Binary Net started over 23 years ago and we've grown over the years to become Lincoln’s leading data center. We currently work with clients regionally, nationally and even internationally. We are the longest running and largest data center in and around Lincoln; serving these communities with leading data center services including colocation, suites, virtual servers and more. We have the ability to expand services further than what LDI previously provided with our extensive resources and experience. Our corporate mission is "Improving people’s lives with technology." With this expansion, we continue to accomplish our mission and goals.

What does this change mean for you and your company?

For your company, it will be business as usual, plus so much more that we are able to offer you. We will be doing business as Lincoln Data Centers for billing purposes. Please update your records to reflect the new name and address.

We are eager to learn more about your company and your mission so we will be contacting you shortly and we will answer any questions you have about us or this change. We are known for bringing excellent customer service (as LDI has) and we are committed in continuing to exceed this expectation. Your infrastructure and business are in good hands.

The future is bright!

We wanted to take this opportunity to share how excited we all are for these new changes. We have been committed to grow in business, stay ahead of technology and acquire resources in all things tech to provide technology that improves people’s lives and their businesses. Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation take us from here. It’s an amazing journey that we are grateful to be taking with all of you.

Contact Us Today!

Call or send us a message today if you have any questions about the acquisition or if you would like to learn more about how we can help with your technology needs.